The new year new me bullsh##

Yeah we’ve alll been there right ??

Drunkenly making new years resolutions and promising ourselves yeah we are gonna change, be different and be “new”.

The next day you wake up not remembering any of your loud proclamations or the fact that you threw up into your friend’s mom’s very expensive Grecian vase.

Thing is, every year we vow to change but get lazy along the way.

In any case, you’re still the same person you were yesterday. There can’t be a “new” you.
Try to at least become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.
You can’t “leave” people, enemies etc behind in the old year.

They are living proof of the person you became due to situations you and they were in at some point.

Rather forgive who did you wrong and ask for forgiveness from those whom you wronged.

This is essential to move on into the new year.

I made a promise to myself that I will start with my exercises.  I need to if I want to be healthy again.

I cant just forget and move on.
Im trying to forgive,  trust me, it’s quite hard, but im getting there.

Happy new year!!

Here’s to being better versions of ourselves everyday! !!!